Tokenomics of the project

Crodo is a new IDO site that will launch projects in the Cronos ecosystem. Registration for the project is scheduled for March 1, 2022 – don’t miss it!

At this point, the Crodo project is still in a community development and strategic partner search phase. There are already more than 300 volunteer enthusiasts helping the project and it’s getting more popular every day.

Today we will analyze in details the tokenomics of the CRODO.IO project.

Token name and type: CROD; Token on Cronos

Token Ticker: CROD

Total offer: 100 000 000 CROD

Token contract (TestNet) and its source code: 0x03b7796B662646f6fEfe1e39131390e2478e6036

For more details, see GitHub –

Distribution Contract (TestNet) and its source code: 0xD1B36394377aACc926AF697cB97A2d754831dF94

For more details, see the GithHub –

Initial number of tokens: 21,100,000 CROD

Initial market capitalization: $3,798,000 USD

Selling price of Seed round: $0.10 USD

Selling price of private round: $0.15 USD

Public sale price: $0.18 USD

Allocation of tokens $CROD:

Private and public sales on the Crodo site are evenly distributed among many different participants. By doing so, the Crodo project tries to create the fairest token distribution at launch to date, with no single organization or private foundation owning large amounts of the offering.

As you can see, the tokenomics inspire confidence, which means that the project will be very worthy, especially for early investors!

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