Tier System in the CRODO.IO project

The system of dividing participants into levels is necessary for an even and fair distribution of tokens in pools.
Depending on the blocked CROD tokens and the time of blocking, participants receive different levels.

Gravity attracts luck! The more gravity you have, the better your chances of winning. You get gravity for wagers and in the referral program.

“Star” = 100 Gravity. The Star level gives you 1 raffle ticket.

“Red Giant” = 1,000 Gravity. Red Giant gives you 12 raffle tickets.

“Supernova” = 5,000 Gravity. Gives its owner 100 raffle tickets.

“Neutron Star” = 10,000 gravity. Gives you 300 raffle tickets.

“Pulsar” = 50,000 gravity. Guaranteed participation in token sales.

“Black Hole” – Guaranteed Participation. Issued to those who have blocked tokens and have not withdrawn them for 12 months and, at the same time, have at least 50,000 Gravity (has the rank of Admiral and the level of “Pulsar”).

The higher the level, the more raffle tickets you receive, and the greater the increase in chances, up to and including guaranteed participation at higher levels.

Allocation is the number of tokens that will be available for redemption.

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