Staking and rewards for it on the CRODO.IO platform

Today we will analyze in detail staking and rewards for it on the CRODO.IO platform.

CROD are CRODO.IO platform tokens that can be blocked for a period of 7 to 730 days. By blocking tokens in the contract, users get the opportunity to redeem the distribution (allocation) of projects that will be launched on the CRODO platform.

The blocking period is a multiplier that increases the amount of your “Gravity” according to the formula:

where “days” is the number of days to block
Contract address (TestNet): 0x56DD498BCECA94d2893FA479EEc943feA4f56096/transactions
Contract source code:
The longer you freeze your $CROD tokens, the more gravity and lottery tickets you get in the end.

Staking Rewards

Each user whose CROD tokens are locked on the platform in staking mode receives a reward once a day. Rewards are calculated based on a percentage of the total amount of CRODs locked.

Formula for calculating remuneration for 1 day:

x= your reward per day
y= amount of CROD you bet
z= total CROD of all users
e = total CROD allocated to staking rewards
i = total number of days

Each subsequent day is calculated based on the amount received on the previous day.

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