Roadmap for CRODO.IO project development

Today we will talk to you in detail about the roadmap according to which the CRODO.IO crypto project will develop. This map is for all 4 quarters of 2022. So, let’s get started!

Q1 2022


White paper creation.
Basic website functionality (staking, project participation, personal account)
Page of an account of an Ambassador


Launch of the Ambassador Program
Referral system in a personal cabinet
Creation of social networks channels
Titles System


Partnership with projects
Personal Cabinet for project creators

Q2 2022


Integration with exchange platforms
Public sale
KYC integration


Adding other game mechanics for projects and platform (additional rewards for steaking, social media actions, contests)


Introducing auto-participation feature for levels with guaranteed distribution

Q3 2022


Ambassador CRM for projects


System for creating contests

Q4 2022

Decentralization of the database and participation algorithms

So far, the CRODO.IO project is developing strictly according to all stated plans, which is very good!

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