Review of BiShares – a reliable partner of CRODO

Today we will analyze such a CRODO partner as BiShares. This is a project from the same team as GAUR MONEY, but it has a different concept.

What is BiShares?

BiShares offers a decentralized way to add diversified tokens to your basket with a single goal: to offer the safest way to crypto-diversify, while being exposed to whatever class of risk you choose.

BiShares offers a range of products to suit any beginner, intermediate or professional. Later, its DAO brings together the necessary decentralized protocols to ensure that the community has complete control over the distribution of the fund’s assets. There is no rivalry in this protocol, it is a collaboration to achieve the goal of BiShares – a fully self-managed community initiative to vote on how, what, where and when all BiShares funds will be created and released.

A very strategic and important goal of the founders is for everyone to have an equal right to buy and a transparent approach to improving engagement with the BiShares ecosystem.

The founders are targeting the largest and most diversified fund options in all categories. Through professional branding and first-time exposure, BiShares will become a household name in the cryptocurrency universe, offering a chance for both degeners and non-monetizers to enter the cryptocurrency market in a safe and more diversified way.

All incredible wonders of engineering are built on a foundation that will last for centuries. After DAO, the foundation will be built by the community for the community. BiShares developers will provide community-driven products that address the current problem facing the cryptocurrency community: the inability to take full advantage of all the great projects being launched at BSC, while applying safe and diversified strategies to deploy crypto dry powder.

Within a reasonable time frame after the initial launch of the first BiShares funds, the DAO will allow community members to vote on upcoming fund launches. As each fund is approved, the BiShares team will implement the build and will be funded by development rewards and sales. A truly transparent focus on achieving the safest way to crypto-diversify, while at the same time being exposed to whatever class of risk an individual chooses.

This project together with CRODO can achieve a cool collaboration and fly to the moon together!

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