Overview of CRODO.IO, a new IDO site

Today we’re going to introduce you to the new Crodo platform, which has great promise!

What is Crodo?

Crodo.io is a new decentralized IDO fundraising platform in the Cronos ecosystem.

Crodo have made their bet on an original way of distributing coins to all pool members with an accessible interface and with gamification elements.

The benefits of Crodo

The project team went to improve the usability of the IDO site, a lot of attention was paid to UX / GUI factors.
Developed a chat-bot in Telegram, which is very easy to use.
This bot reminds participants of all important events, such as the start of token redemption phase, etc. With it, you will never forget to enter the site on time!
Crodo uses state-of-the-art Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology and DDOS protection through CloudFlare.com. Its servers are hosted in Kubernetes on dynamic virtual servers at DigitalOcean.com
Stacking system motivates token retention
Titles are only awarded for the amount of time you keep tokens on the site. Increasing your rank will give you additional bonuses. However, when you withdraw tokens from the site, the rank will be reset to the initial rank. You have the opportunity to get ranks of 6 levels – from elementary to black hole.
Crodo’s handy ambassadorship program: the ability to submit completed tasks, track task status online, view the balance of points earned, an affiliate program and a competition system.
Why does Crodo support the Cronos ecosystem?

This ecosystem was chosen by the Crodo project due to the fact that the Crypto.com exchange is gaining momentum and scaling up to the whole world.

Crodo Project Tokenomics

At the moment, the project is at the stage of community development and partner search.

Token type: CROD Token on Cronos
Token Ticker: CROD
Total offer: 100 000 000 CROD
Token contract (TestNet) and its source code: 0x03b7796B662646f6fEfe1e39131390e2478e6036
Distribution Contract (TestNet) and its source code: 0xD1B36394377aACc926AF697cB97A2d754831dF94
Initial number of tokens: 21,100,000 CROD
Initial market capitalization: $3,798,000 USD
Selling price of Seed round: $0.10 USD
Selling price of private round: $0.15 USD
Public sale price: $0.18 USD


Private and public sales on the Crodo site are distributed among many different participants. By doing so, Crodo tries to create the fairest distribution of tokens at launch, with no single entity owning large amounts of supply.

Token distribution chart

5% Seed – $500,000 – at $0.10 per token, tokens fully locked for 2 months, 10% unlock every following month
6% Private Sale- $900,000 – at $0.15 per token, tokens fully locked for 3 months, 10% unlocking every following month
2% Public sale- $360,000 – $0.18 per token, tokens fully locked for 3 months, 10% unlocking every following month
25% Team – tokens fully locked for 12 months, 10% unlock every following month
5% Advancement – tokens fully blocked for 12 months, 10% unblocking every following month
20% Liquidity – tokens fully unlocked
17% Marketing – 5% unlocking at listing, 5% unlocking every following month. The unused portion of these tokens will be burned.
5% Staking Rewards – 5% unlocking at listing, 5% unlocking every following month
10% Ambassador Program – tokens fully locked for 2 months, 10% unlocking every following month
5% Company Reserve – tokens fully locked for 5 months, 10% unlocking every following month. Necessary for unforeseen expenses. Part of these tokens will be burned.

Token unlocking schedule

First stage: Ambassadorship program

Fulfillment of tasks by the Ambassador, promotion of the project in social networks, expansion of the audience, search for new partners.
More information can be found in the project documentation.

Second stage: Public sale

Public sales will be divided between platforms, supporting presales in the Cponos network.
There are 2,000,000 CROD or $360,000 at $0.18 per token.
Public sale on the Crodo platform
Quantity of tokens: 1 000 000 CROD
Simple conditions must be fulfilled to participate: subscribe, like, tweet, etc.

Stage Three: Staking Rewards.

Crodo gives users the opportunity to stack tokens on the site for profit in the form of the same CROD tokens.

These were the most important known facts about the IDO site Crodo. At the moment, the project is in the development stage, but thanks to the team of ambassadors it is gaining huge momentum and is becoming better known!
We are waiting for the listing, which will happen in the first quarter of 2022!

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