LastChance Tokenomics

I realize that you may have encountered many projects that looked promising but ended up fading prematurely, so the tokenomics of any blockchain project is very important.

So, what is a LastChance token?

LastChance Token ($LCT) is the core token that will be used on the LastChance platform. The $LCT will help make bets, provide liquidity, manage DAOs, return un-winned bets, and more. To encourage growth and remove uncertainty about the token, the maximum amount of $LCT will be 100 million. This supply can be reduced by burning tokens.As stated earlier, the supply of $LCT is 100 million and the distribution is distributed as follows:

1. auction service: 26% of the total supply (26,000,000) is allocated to auction service. But the entire distribution will not be unlocked immediately. Only a portion, 5,200,000, which is 20% of the allocation for auction service, will be unlocked during the token generation event (TGE). The rest of the distribution will be unlocked within 2 years after the 6-month break.

2. Bidding Rewards: $20,000,000 $LCT is allocated for bidding rewards. All $LCT holders can bet and receive rewards from the $20 million $LCT that will be distributed over 2 years.

3. Reserve: To account for minor changes and events that may occur, 10,000,000 tokens have been allocated to LastChance’s reserve. The rights to these tokens also pass for 3 years, after a 9-month cutoff.

4. DEX Liquidity: $3,000,000 million $LCT will be unlocked during the token generation event to provide liquidity to the DEX platforms. These tokens will allow the public to fully participate in the purchase of $LCT tokens.

5. Public sale: $5,500,000 $LCT reserved for public sale. Participants in the public sale will be unlocked 20% of the distribution on TGE, followed by a 3-month break, and then 20% every quarter thereafter. To be guaranteed a spot on the whitelist, please join LastChance’s discord server and become a diligent participant.

6. Marketing, Development, Team: LastChance has allocated $12,500,000 $LCT to market the LastChance platform. Another $7,000,000 $LCT has been set aside for platform development plans, and the team has $7,000,000 $LCT tokens. These tokens are spread evenly over 24-48 months to prevent any form of manipulation.

7. Ambassador Program: LastChance’s Ambassador Program launched last week, and $2,000,000 $LCT has been allocated as a reward for participants. This program is open to all dedicated members of the LastChance community, but is limited to 150 participants. If you feel you have what it takes to take this wonderful project to the next level, join the discord server here, sign up and fill out the form here.

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