CRODO.IO Ambassador Program

Today we’re going to talk about the CRODO.IO Ambassador Program. Become an Ambassador for the team to help develop projects in the Cronos galaxy and earn stellar rewards every era.

The team is looking for talented people who want to be part of the Crodo team and are willing to share the benefits of the Crodo platform with their subscribers. Our team gives you a good opportunity to grow your own community and develop your expert opinion. Crodo project ambassadors participate in developing and scaling the platform, communicate with team members, and receive stellar rewards and good project bonuses.

Your benefits as an Ambassador

  • Receiving rewards with CROD tokens.
  • You can bid on CROD tokens to earn rewards and boost your level or sell on the exchange after listing.
  • Increasing the popularity of your blog.
  • You tell your audience about the benefits of new projects, the ambassador program and everything related to IDO Crodo.
  • Increased expert opinion.
  • You research projects that appear on our site to create content for your audience and thereby learn about the crypto industry.
  • Being a Crodo spokesperson.
  • You have priority status in Discord to communicate with the developers of the platform and influence the development of the project.

Rules of participation in the CRODO Ambassadorship program

  1. Fill out the membership form.
  2. Get approval from the Crodo team.
  3. Approval takes from 1 to 7 days

Done, you’re part of our team! Hurry up and do the tasks in your personal ambassador area to get your points.


Users are rewarded with CROD tokens at the end of each epoch.
An epoch is a period of time during which Ambassadors accumulate points and receive CROD tokens according to the percentage of the total amount collected in an epoch by all Ambassadors.
Each epoch is allocated a fixed number of CROD tokens, which are distributed among all participants. Each epoch has its own conditions for participation.

Epoch #1

Number of tokens: 1 000 000 CROD
Time frame: from February 10, 2022 to May 1, 2022.
Rewards for completed tasks are given in the form of points and exchanged for CROD at the end of each epoch. Rewards depend on the number of your subscribers, usefulness and quality of the content made.
Memes – from 50 points*.
Videos (duration from 1 minute) – from 300 points. *
Articles (at least 1000 characters long) – from 100 points. *
Chat activity – remuneration depends on your activity.
Creation of a community in your region – remuneration is calculated individually (When creating a community, specify the language designation.

Increasing or decreasing coefficients to remunerations

  • Number of subscribers
  • Views
  • Content quality
  • Content release frequency

Assignments may be rejected for the following reasons:

  1. Content is off-topic
  2. Assignments do not meet the requirements (no hashtags, invalid link, not enough text)
  3. Duplication of someone else’s content (expulsion from the Ambassador program if detected again)

Referral link

Each ambassador receives an individual referral link, using which you can get an additional 5% of your total referral points. The link can be found in the ambassador’s personal office.

Also, the Telegram bot will notify you when assignments appear with likes, retweets, and comments on Twitter. To get tokens at the end of an era, you must pass KYC.

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