5 main advantages of Crodo.io

Crodo.io, which we have already written about before, is a decentralized IDO launchpad platform and operates in the Cronos ecosystem. An interesting fact is that Crodo.io has chosen as its feature an original way of distributing coins between all pool members with an easy-to-understand and accessible interface, and also included elements of gamification.

So, we bring to your attention the 5 most striking advantages of Crodo.io.

1. The project team put a huge amount of effort into improving the usability of the site, huge attention was paid to UX\UI factors. Go to the Crodo.io website and see it for yourself.

2. Developed a chatbot in Telegram, which is very easy to use. This bot reminds participants of all important events, such as the start of the token redemption phase, etc. With it, you will never forget to enter the site on time!

3. Crodo uses state-of-the-art Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology and DDOS protection through CloudFlare.com. Its servers are hosted on dynamic virtual servers at DigitalOcean.com.

4. Stacking system motivates token retention. Titles are only awarded for the amount of time you keep tokens on the site. Increasing your rank will give you additional bonuses. However, when you withdraw tokens from the staging area, the rank will be reset to the initial rank. You have the opportunity to get ranks of 6 levels – from elementary to a black hole.

5. Crodo’s handy ambassador’s program: ambassadors have the ability to send completed tasks, track the status of the task online, view the balance of points earned, there is an affiliate program and a competition system.

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